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  1. Sebastian

    Current Stats!

    Hell yeah brother
  2. Sebastian

    Current Stats!

    You just started tho =p
  3. Sebastian

    Current Stats!

    Everyone post your current stats on how your reaper adventure is coming along. Remember that max cape adds stats!
  4. Sebastian

    Guess I can make one of these.

    Welcome to Reaper bro!! The pandemic is shitty but a great excuse to get some reaping done!!
  5. Sebastian

    2006 - An end of an era?

    Shut her down, Osrs lives on!
  6. Sebastian


    Whoever is really good at making sigs, can you pm me? I'd really like a nice one. I tried to create one but it looks like my 3 year old made it. =[ Help!
  7. Sebastian

    All Reap, and no sleep!

    All Reap, and no sleep!
  8. Sebastian

    Seb's intro

    What's up guys just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know alittle bit about me. My real names Kevin, i'm 28 from Indiana. Been playing reaper for about 8 months now. I'm usually on in the evenings (EST) and weekends. If you see me on just shoot me a message, i'm always happy to help...
  9. Sebastian


    Reaper OS is everything you need in a server!