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Hello my beautiful ReaperScapiens,

October is here! What does that mean? Well Halloween of course! What does that mean for ReaperScape? Plenty of stuff is happening around the world,

1. Keep an eye out for random scythe drops that will randomly appear throughout the world
2. Betty is in Draynor manor in the room with the cooking symbol, a fun small quest with awesome rewards for helping her.
3. Doing random skilling around the world will give you a random chance at a Halloween mask! There's only 25, so start skilling!

In other news:

Unfortunately out of my control discord had an update which broke the bot messaging things around the world in ReaperScape, it will currently not be working until I find a fix. Sorry for any inconvenience, most important messages can be seen while playing in-game.

Happy Halloween, and Happy Reaping!​