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Hello everyone!

I have a very URGENT message about the HOST the server is being hosted on.

Apparently my HOST (trentahost) Is going through a server migration from VA to OR. This resulted in the server being shut down because they are moving data centers.

I have messaged Trentahost and seen what the deal is and if all game files will be saved or not.

If files are NOT saved on the host: I have a plan to restore any and ALL missing items and are stats introduced to this server migration.

If files ARE saved on the host: I will continue to host per usual with a few updates of course.

I am sorry if anything is of inconvenience at this moment. I will be back online as soon as possible, thank you for understanding!

FOR Reaper-OS users, files are backed up on the website but not in-game. So I can see what items have been on previous accounts per logs of every account in-game.

FOR 2006 users, this server is all backed up and saved server sided. So I can not recover logs or anything lost due to host problems unfortunately, which is ok, I know my community is honest so I will take your word for it if anything has been lost as far as items and stats.

-Mod Grim