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ReaperScape 2006 has had a huge overhaul with the combat system, bugs, also major and minor changes, One huge feature is Guilds! You can now create your own guild, level it up with your team for awesome rewards, and also compete in guild wars!
A new book can be bought from the general store for 1 GP, it provides free teleports to Lumbridge and Edgeville to get a head start on the game!
Here is a super huge long list of updates to sift through, enjoy!

IMPORTANT: A file called userConfig will be on the desktop after the installation of this new client. What is userConfig? Well if you noticed on the client there's actually a Reload UserConfig button. The userConfig is a fully editable file that YOU are able to edit. Options you can edit are fog, hiding attack options, changing items you would like to appear on the ground for example a dragon scimitar will display wording above the item on the ground, and more more edits! After you're done editing your userConfig file all you have to do is hit Reload Userconfg on the client and all the changes you made will be updated! Any questions feel free to ask me in-game or discord about it!

ALSO: After your first screenshot a folder will appear on your desktop called Reaper06 Screenshots, what that simply is is a folder that will keep all your screenshots in-game, and sort by the name of each character that gets those screen shots! Neat right? If you have any questions about that as well ask me about it in-game or on discord!

TLDR: Guilds, new quests, miniquest's which means it offers skips to the bosses for a fee to complete that quest, for example, the demon fight in legends quest.
Wilderness slayer, and much more.

ReaperScape 2006 updates will be released tomorrow! Stay tuned for the big update!

Format: OLDEST updates to NEWEST, TOP to BOTTOM

- Removed hitmark icons

- Added a basic Discord Bot to the server that sends announcements to different channels:
- General channel
- Server launch
- Shutdown for maintenance
- Level 99s
- Completion of every quest

- Online channel
- Logging in

- Quest channel
- Quest completion

- PvP channel
- PvP kills in wilderness
- HCIM deaths
- Duel deaths

- Market channel
- Grand Exchange sell offers

- Loot
- Receiving Fire Cape
- Getting a barrows item at barrows

- Rare event for upcoming holidays
- During the first weekend/week, party hats will be obtainable through skilling
- Agility
- Fishing
- Firemaking
- Mining (ore)
- Thieving (ncps, stalls)
- Woodcutting

- 1/20k chance at every skilling resource
- A maximum of 20 party hats will be introduced to the economy.
- The system will be used for h'ween masks and santa hats during halloween and christmas.

-Guild system

- Teams have their own skills. Currently:
- Fishing
- Woodcutting
- Mining

- Max skill level: 125
- Max experience/skill: 200m
- 5% of gained experience in the above skills is put towards your teams experience vault
- When the team reaches certain levels, all team members get to enjoy unlocked benefits. Currently:
- Level 70:
- 10% chance to receive noted resources in the respective skill
- Level 80:
- 20% chance to receive noted resources in the respective skill
- Level 100:
- 33.3% chance to receive noted resources in the respective skill
- Yells and team messages now begin with an uppercase letter.
- Added a "Guide Book" to the starter pack.

- Removed all GE clerks except for the one at Edgeville.
- Chat now supports colors
- Ultimate ironmen will now have the 25gp gp from tutorial sent to their inventory instead of bank.

- Work on Sir Tinley's team dialogue and relevant functionality:
- Team leaders can now send a recruitment ad for their team
- Once an hour per team
- Cost: 10K
- Global in-game message
- Discord announcement in the 'teams' bot-feed channel
- You're now able to search for and look up any registered teams, whether they're online or offline.
- You can now look up the top 10 teams based on their Total levels. May increase the number later on.
- Added voting books which will provide a 20% experience boost towards team experience for EVERYONE in your team.

- Removed the member restriction system - everyone is now a member by default.
- Fixed a glitch where teams could be assigned the same ID.
- Top guilds would show by alphabetical order instead of by their total level. Fixed.
- Few small improvements to the saving of teams.
- Added Deputy Leadership to the guild system. Each team can assign one deputy leader who are able to invite, kick and use the advertisement feature.
- Added Thieving and Runecrafting skills to the guild system.

- Added 5 tiers to each skill of each guild. The first tier is unlocked at level 50, then 60, 70, 80 and finally tier 5 at level 100
- Every skill:
- At Tier 1, each member of the guild will be able to claim 50 (somewhat) random resources from the respective skill once per day
- In thieving, the reward is jewelry and the amount is 10 instead of 50.
- Feature available only after 6h of playtime
- Fishing, woodcutting & mining:
- Tier 2: 5% chance to receive noted resources in the respective skill
- Tier 3: 10% chance to receive noted resources in the respective skill
- Tier 4: 20% chance to receive noted resources in the respective skill
- Tier 5: None yet. Will be a while before guilds reach this tier. Suggestions welcome!
- Thieving:
- Tier 2: Chance of successfully pickpocketing npcs raised by 16.6%
- Tier 3: Chance of successfully pickpocketing npcs raised by 33.3%
- Tier 4: Chance of successfully pickpocketing npcs raised by 50%
- Tier 5: None yet. Will be a while before guilds reach this tier. Suggestions welcome!
- Runecrafting:
- Tier 2: 5% chance of getting double runes from runecrafting
- Tier 3: 10% chance of getting double runes from runecrafting
- Tier 4: 20% chance of getting double runes from runecrafting
- Tier 5: None yet. Will be a while before guilds reach this thier. Suggestions welcome!

- Wilderness Slayer
- Betty has found her home at Edgeville and is now assigning wilderness slayer tasks in a similar fashion as Krystilia does on OSRS.
- Completing a wilderness slayer task awards you 20 Wilderness Points which can be used in her shop.
- Killing Chaos Elemental will now grant 5 Wilderness Points.

- Small fixes and additions:
- Fixed an issue with the discord bot jamming up the server launch if it's unable to make a connection to the server.
- The deputy leader text in guild info will now display "Not assigned" instead of "null" if a deputy leader has not yet been assigned.
- Guild skill level up message changed.
- Few minor improvements to the deputy leadership related commands

Skilling Tournament
Automatically runs from every Friday 10PM to Sunday 10PM (GMT)
Every guild is automatically registered - no sign ups required
There's 5 categories that are recorded (All the guild skills: Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Thieving, Runecrafting).
Getting the most experience in any skill makes you the winner of that category.
One guild can win in several categories, but that probably isn't going to happen.
All winning guilds get to enjoy the rewards until the next tournament start and the winners are cleared.
Reward for winners: 3x resources from Lady Table (Tier 1 daily reward)
More to come, probably.
Wins are recorded and will be included in the highscores.

- Guild vaults added
- All members can add funds to it
- Only the guild leader can withdraw them
- There's nothing to do with guild funds yet, but content for guilds will be added which can be purchased with only guild funds.
- You can now search players to find the team they're in (currently ::searchplayer playername)
- Interfaces now close as they should when equipping/unequipping items and teleporting.
- Few minor patches to the way Skilling Tournament experience is handled. Should be good to go.
- Added Tournament wins to the guild info interface
- Removed necklaces from the Daily Tier 1 thieving rewards as to not bring too much solid gold into the economy through high alch.
- The Crystal Chest in Taverley can now be opened by just clicking it instead of having to use the key on it.
- Leather glove spawn added behind edgeville bank
- Added herb seeds up to Ranarr to the seed stall
- Added a Banker to Lumbridge castle's top floor.
- Earth Strike was giving Fire Strikes exp and vise versa. Fixed.

- Nature Rune Chests have been added to Ardougne
- 8 second cooldown on each chest
- 3 coins and 1 nature rune per steal
- 28 thieving level requirement as in OSRS
- The puzzle part of the MM quest will now be skipped completely without the need of the standard 200k payment.
- Added some teleports to the Games Necklace:
- Deserted Keep
- Dark Knight Fortress
- Hill giants at level 16 wilderness
- All jewelry was incorrectly letting you teleport from up to level 30 wilderness. Only glory amulet does now.
- Added the wilderness shop to Betty at Edgeville
- You now receive 1 wilderness point per kill at the Mage Arena
- The Discord bot GE message upon selling items was displaying the whole count of the item you had in your inventory instead of the actual amount you put for sale. Fixed.
- Added 3 green dragons to the Graveyard of Shadows spawn. There's now a total of 5 of them there.
- Added 3 green dragons to the east dragon spawn. There's now a total of 7 of them there.

- Guild Slayer
- Guild slayer is here! Guild leaders & deputy leaders are now able to get slayer tasks for their guilds
- The guild cannot be assigned tasks that every guild member doesn't meet the slayer level requirement of
- ie. every guild member must have a slayer level of 85 for the guild to be assigned an Abyssal Demon task
- Task amounts scale with the amount of members your guild has. With the current max amount of guild members (6), the largest task you can receive is 960 kills.
- Need at least 2 guild members (including yourself) to be able to do guild slayer.
- You'll receive guild slayer experience at a 20% rate instead of the usual 5%, as contrary to the other guild skills, you're not actually leveling up your own slayer level while guild slaying.
- The guild level-up message will now display your new level correctly when you receive enough guild experience to advance more than one level
- Automatic client & cache version checking + updating
- Gameframe changing is no longer donor only and with that gameframes are now changeable right after launching the client
- Ores will now respawn much quicker
- Home teleport no longer has a cooldown
- Automatic screenshots of your account progress are no longer being taken by default. Toggle with ::screenshots
- Crafting low level runes didn't provide guild RC experience. Fixed.

- Guild Wars event
- Full on action, guilds fight each other until only one remains
- Everyone that is in a guild can join to fight for their guilds honor
- Runs every 6 hours
- Items are kept on death
- Rewards:
- 1st place: 50k cash for each participating guild member and a random item ranging from junk to mid-end level equipment
- 2nd place: 20k cash for each participating guild member and a random item ranging from junk to mid-end level equipment
- 3rd place: 10k cash for each participating guild member and a random item ranging from junk to mid-end level equipment
- Slayer Tier rewards:
- Tier 1:
- Slayer task cancellation cost decreased to 250k
- Access to new free teleports
- Asgnarnian Ice Caves
- Fremennik Dungeon
- Taverley Dungeon
- Tier 2:
- Slayer task cancellation cost decreased to 200k
- Access to new free teleports:
- Brimhaven Dungeon
- Waterbirth Island Dungeon
- Tier 3:
- Slayer task cancellation cost decreased to 150k
- Access to new free teleports:
- Smoke Dungeon
- Slayer Tower
- Tier 4:
- Slayer task cancellation cost decreased to 100k
- Tier 5:
- Slayer task cancellation cost decreased to 50k

- Small Additions
- Guild slayer tasks can now be cancelled for 300k (withdrawn from guild vault)

- Patches
- Big improvements to combat following for players and npcs
- Clicking on the ground while frozen will now stop your attacking
- Removed Brimhaven Dungeon's entrance fee

- Guild item vault has been added
- The vault can contain a maximum of 40 different items
- Only the leader and deputy leader of the guild can withdraw items from the vault by default, but the GL may grant vault privilege's to guild members
- Pets
- Dropping your pet can no longer spawn it inside an object
- The pet will now properly teleport to you if you the distance between you and the pet grows too large
- Pets are now lost upon death
- The following pets are now obtainable:
- King black dragon pet (1/3000)
- Chaos elemental pet (1/300)
- Kalphite queen pet (1/3000)
- Jad pet (2% chance upon fight cave completion)
- Improvements to Voting rewards
- Using a vote book now provides a 30 minute 15% exp boost to individual skills, and 30 minutes of bonus experience (20%) is added to your guilds bonus experience
- Improved the regex pattern for choosing a guild name
- Aubury has been added outside of Edgeville General Store.
- Possibly fixed (needs further live testing) skilling tournament scheduling repetitions

We know there are many players that don't enjoy grinding through the same old quests, so we're providing an alternative way to quickly complete quests that have important content locked behind them. For a certain amount of gold, you may now enter the final battle (or whatever battle the quest contains) of a quest and upon defeating the enemy, you'll permanently complete the respective quest.
- The following quests now have a "miniquest" version to them:
- Priest in Peril (10K*)
- Lost City (50K*)
- The Fremennik Trials (50K*)
- Monkey Madness (100K*)
* The cost to enter battle

- The following messages adjusted/added accordingly to the 2006 era.
- Trading in the wilderness
- Eating food
- Drinking potions
- Accepting a trade
- Attempting to pick up items with a full inventory
- Being frozen
- GE npc overhead message
- Guild / message color slightly modified
- Pets are no longer lost upon safe deaths such as duel arena, guild wars event
- Fixed player appearing at a wrong tile upon climbing an obstacle at the gnome course
- Removed login limits
- Guild tournament experience no longer displayed when the event is inactive
- Guild tournament experience in the guild interface is now formatted (e.g. 1000 = 1k)
- Dragon and barrows gloves now have a 40 defense requirement
- Ironmen are now unable to withdraw items from the guild item vault
- The guild item vault can now only be used in the home area, Edgeville.
- Fixed ::screenshots

The Lumbridge Cellar is now accessible
The guild slayer task amount wasn't being saved. Fixed.
You can now check the status of your guild slayer task from an Enchanted Gem
Hellhounds are now recognized in your "dog" slayer tasks
The PvM miniquests now have their proper skill requirements
Gave Quest Guide a shop with quest items that are usable after quest completion
Fixed Jarvalds right click second option for travelling to the Waterbirth Island
In rare situations guilds could be assigned the same ID. Fixed.
Some NPCs at Edgeville have been given more right click options for ease of access
Clan chat icon not appearing before relogging fixed
Dragon Scimitar has been added to the Crystal Chest as a rare reward
Yell name color changed from white to blue
Max guild member limit raised from 6 to 8
Added some more restrictions to guild name creation

Fixed minimap player icon colors, only guild members will now appear blue
Guild information in the interface will now load faster and more smooth
Only the first 3 guild members were shown in the memberlist on guild hiscores. Fixed.
After the announcement of the Guild War event, the event will now start after 5 minutes instead of 3
The Discord Bot will now inform the good people of our channel who the winners of the Guild Wars event were
All members of winning guilds were sent to Edgeville upon event end. Only participating members will be teleported now.
Deaths weren't being handled correctly in the Guild War event. Fixed.
Guilds could hold 1 member less than intended, fixed.
Improved the way interfaces are handled to fix an issue where item vaults/trading/staking could overlap
The guild voting experience boost could decrease below zero. Fixed.
The guild wars 1st place reward gold reward reduced from 50k to 30k
Fixed going up the Tree Branch at gnome agility course
Toad's legs and King worm are now edible

Content & additions
The King Lathas Chest is now functional and can be looted every 400 seconds
Vote and Store buttons have been added to the client
The Amulet of glory Edgeville has been replaced by a Shilo Village teleport
Added a small information message about Magic secateurs upon receiving them from the store

Bug fixes
You're now able to kick offline members from your guild
Trying to promote an offline member caused a disconnection, fixed.
Guilds were able go above the member limit of 8. Fixed.
Pickpocketing paladins now gives 2 chaos runes and 80 coins instead of just one or the other
Guild experience boost minutes falling below zero fixed for real this time
Entering the miniquest battles was free of charge for donators as intended, but they still needed to have the gold in their inventory. Fixed.
If the entity that killed you ceased to exist by the time you died, your death would be handled incorrectly. For example, if you teleported out of a miniquest event and the last projectile killed you after your teleport, an error would be thrown as the miniquest boss is removed after you leave the area. This has been fixed.
The forum link in the client JFrame button was incorrect. Fixed.
A few skilling related interfaces were broken from the previous update
Tanning works again
Cooking animations and interfaces work again

Content & changes
Mystery box rewards have been buffed - you're now more likely to hit the rare table and the uncommon table rewards have been improved
You are now able to leave the ironman mode by talking to the Quest Quide near the Lumbridge castle
Chance of receiving a party hat drop from the currently on-going event has been raised
You can now choose between Edgeville and Lumbridge when "home" teleporting
Online members will now appear green in the guild member list
Mystery box rewards have been buffed, you're now more likely to the rare table and the uncommon table contains more worthwhile items
Magic secateurs are now equip able and their harvest boost has been raised from 10% to 20%
Chance of hitting the rare drop tables nerfed

Selling on the Grand Exchange has now been re-enabled as a critical bug was patched
Mining essence now grants guild mining experience
The Way of the Necromancer was mistakenly only available to donators. Fixed.
Removed the wealth hiscores
Dr. Harlow has been moved to the Blue Moon Inn
The player voting experience boost was giving more experienced than intended. Fixed.
Lowered the magic defense of Black demons
Fixed an issue where if you killed the boss of a miniquest too far from its spawn, you would not complete the quest
The player attack option will now disappear after the guild war event
You can no longer use the stairs in the guild war area

Content & changes
You will now also receive regular slayer experience from doing guild slayer
Online members are now displayed first in the guild member list
3 Snape grass were added to the crafting guild peninsula
Dialogue can now be navigated by pressing spacebar

Guild runecrafting experience wasn't being loaded correctly. Fixed.
Improved the Quest Quide dialogue
Ankou were removed from Betty's assignments as they aren't actually in the game. If you had an Ankou task, it'll be reset on your next log-in.
NPC's should no longer attack you from questionable distances
The Rogue spawns in deep wilderness have been greatly increased
The Lava maze dungeon is now accessible. You can find spawns of Greater demons, Black dragons and Poison spiders there.
The Falador underwall shortcut is now usable
There was a small area in the guild war arena where you weren't able to attack other players. Fixed.

Content & changes
Guild War spectator mode
Upon dying, you will resurrect where you died and be able to watch the battle till the end
Remaining members will not be able to see you and you will not be able to interact with them
If your stomach can't handle watching the war, you can leave the arena by taking the stairs north east
Eggs from Birds nests can now be traded in for herblore secondary's at the Zoo Keeper in Edgeville
Confirmation will now be required when promoting a guild member to a leader position
Your stats will now be refreshed when being sent home from the Guild War event
Automatic logout timer increased
The Ape Atoll teleport is now available after completing Monkey Madness
Tzhaar tasks can now be received from Chaeldar and Duradel and as guild slayer assignments
Lockpicks have been added to the Edgeville general store
Zaff has had his Battlestaff stock doubled
Lowe now has many, many more arrows to sell than previously
The Oil can in Ernest the chicken is now directly available in the basement without the need of completing the puzzle
Idle & NPC aggression timers:
Monsters will now lose their aggressiveness after 5 minutes of idling
Monsters outside of the Wilderness will now lose their aggressiveness after 10 minutes of being in the same region instead of 15
Monsters in the Wilderness will lose their aggressiveness after 15 minutes

Pickpocketing Heroes gave uncut diamonds instead of cut ones. Fixed.
If a guild that was a winner in the previous tournament was deleted, looking up the winners at Sir Gawain would cause a disconnection. Fixed.
King Lathas chest cooldowns fixed
Trying to telegrab an item with a full inventory will now cancel the spell
Some ranged armor skill guide text was incorrect. Fixed.
A part of dialogue was missing in the Merlins Crystal quest
Finally changed the login message - we are indeed no longer in Beta.
Fixed up some Sir Lucan dialogue for when you're trying to access his teleports while not being in a guild.
Teleporting home using the Guide Book will now show the option for Lumbridge like the command does
Updated the login screen messages
If for some reason you are kicked or leave a guild while in the Guild War event, you'll now automatically be teleported out of it.
Event Host should no longer give you a negative value when there is a few minutes left until the event

Content & Changes
Legends quest is now available as a miniquest
4 quest points and access to Legends guild upon completion
Dragon sq shields can now be made by using one of the two shield halves on an anvil with level 60 smithing
Coins will now automatically be collected while wearing a Ring of wealth
Guild vault now supports item rearranging (by those with permission to the vault) and withdrawing as note. In the future the vault will have buttons for changing your rearrange/withdraw modes, for now they use whatever your banking settings are.
The miniquest battles now take place inside the fire circle from Legends' quest
You will now have a 33% higher chance of getting rare loot while thieving
Catching fish is now a bit faster
Removed the Swarm and Dwarf random events
Player voting boost raised from 15% to 20%. Temporarily removed the guild voting experience boost.

Client Updates
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 keys now work to select dialogue options
You can now hit escape to close interfaces (works on hiscores and login screen as well!)
You can now hit enter to close the login screen
Chatbox can now be scrolled with your middle mouse button
A gameframe with the 317 interface style with status orbs has been added
The OSRS game frame has been renamed to 474 with orbs
FKeys have been added with two selectable preset styles: 'old' and 'new'
F1 Combat tab
F2 Skills tab
F3 Quests tab
F4 Equipment tab
F5 Prayers tab
F6 Spell Book tab
F8 Friends List tab
F9 Ignore List tab
F10 Options tab
F11 Emotes tab
F12 Music Tab
Escape Inventory tab
F1 Inventory tab
F2 Equipment tab
F3 Prayer tab
F4 Spell Book tab
F5 Combat tab
F7 Friends List tab
F8 Ignore List tab
F10 Options tab
F11 Emotes tab
F12 Music Tab
Please note that F10 will also trigger your Window menu (the one with the restore, iconify, and maximize options) to open, causing you to have to click back in to the game window to register subsequent key presses (working on a fix).
By default your fkeys preset style will be set to the 'new' style, you can toggle your style using ::fkeys in game, or by using :eek:ldfkeys/::newfkeys.
Some minor changes have been done to how the guilds interface handles changing your tab area when the vault is open, it should feel a lot smoother and less jittery now
Run energy status orb and Walk/Run buttons in the Player controls tab are now synchronized

Fixed an issue with leaving spectator mode after a Guild War
The Lumbridge fence shortcut will no longer act as a door and behave strangely
You weren't able to look up your Guild slayer task through the Enchanted gem if you didn't have a regular slayer task. Fixed.
The Ring of wealth effect message will no longer be spammed.
When you have less than an hour left until you can claim your Tier 1 rewards, Sir Gawain will now properly give you the time left in minutes.
Tournament experience from the previous weekend wasn't being reset upon the new tournament starting. Fixed.

Updates for new players
Logging in for the first time, you'll now be put in the "ReaperScape" guild where new players can hopefully familiarize themselves with the guild system
ReaperScape can hold an unlimited amount of guild members, but they will not be able to enjoy the traditional benefits a guild offers.
Lumbridge Guide dialogue has been rewritten to offer a little bit of information about guilds and help players get started
Players will now be able to take on small, early game tasks from the Lumbridge Guide that will reward them with low level items to make their early grind a little bit easier.
Fixed harvesting with magic secateurs equipped
Ak-Haranu's bolt rack stock raised from 100 to 500
Fishing catch speed raised once more
You'll now be able to walk through the doors in Heroes quest without a need for Grip's key

The guild member limit has been raised to 10
As the Swan Song quest came a just little later than our cache supports, Piscatoris will be accessible without any prerequisites until we upgrade our data.
Fisherman at the Edgeville Canoe station will take you to Piscatoris
Requires level 62 Fishing and Cooking to catch and cook
Fishing monkfish provides you with 960 experience per catch and cooking them provides 1200 experience
Monkfish can be consumed for 16 hitpoints
Horror from the deep
The quest is now available as a miniquest at Quest Guide
The battle functions the same way as it does on RuneScape - the dagannoth changes forms and can only be damaged with specific attack styles matching its form
Quest guide shop:
Damaged books have been added to Quest Guide's shop and can be purchased after the completion of the quest
Torn pages can be now be purchased from the shop and added to the damaged books
Saradomin pages cost 20k each
Guthix pages cost 50k each
Zaradomin pages cost 100k each
Quest rewards also include 2 quest points and 4662 (x8) experience in magic, strength and ranged
The fishing catch formula has been changed once again. The high level catch rates may be a little slower than last update, but the system will be more balanced overall throughout different levels and catches
Thieving Tier 1 reward amount lowered from 50 to 20 (was 10 previous during the last update)
Fixed an issue in Guild wars where a spectator could be hit by multitarget spells and be able to retaliate while invisible
The Swamp boaty in Morytania is now usable
The command "::findplayer playername" has been added to quickly find out what guild the player is in (currently only online players). In the future, this will be a part of the guild interface.

Recipe for Disaster
The quest can now be started by speaking to Gypsy in the Lumbridge castle
The quest only includes the final battles of the quest
The progression is the same as it is on RuneScape - for every fight you complete, a new pair of gloves will be unlocked in the Culinaromancer's chest.
You can leave the battle area after each fight and your progress will be saved
Prayer cannot be used in the fights
Items will not be lost on death in the quest battles
The quest has no quest requirements, but it does have its correct skill requirements

A global message will now be sent whenever votes are claimed in-game
Voting experience boosted raised from 20% to 30%
Voting book price dropped from 20 to 15 points
The voting shop has received many new cosmetics that can be purchased with voting points

Nerfed the Chaos rune reward at Barrows
Guild slayer will now be recorded in the weekly Skilling tournament
The Skilling tournament winners should now be saved correctly (the winners were already chosen correctly, but they weren't correctly being saved externally, which caused Sir Gawain to sometimes display wrong event winners).
The miniquest fights are now instanced. Fun idea to have several players battle together, but it gets a little too messy a little too easily.
The Dagannoth mother wasn't correctly shielding itself from spells. Fixed.
If more than one player attempted the Horror from the deep quest at once, the Dagannoth could display unintended behaviour. Fixed.

Dagannoth kings are now in the game and accessible
Speak to the wounded soldier by the cave entrance in Waterbirth island to be teleported to the entrance of dagannoth kings

Clue scrolls
You're now much less likely to get junk from clue scrolls
The stackable item rewards (runes, noted food...) will now come in much greater numbers
You no longer need to have a watch, sextant and chart in your inventory for coordinate clues
Here are a couple of images with rewards from 6 chests of each tier. You may still of course get unlucky and walk away with only junk, but more often than not, the clue scrolls should now be worth your time.

Removed the Horror from the deep and Legends quest miniquest cost as these quests only have a miniquest version to them.
Tournament experience will now always be displayed as inactive in the Reaper starter guild.
Harvesting a patch that has been treated with Supercompost will now yield a minimum of 5 herbs as opposed to the ordinary 3.
Dropping Mahogany logs will no longer display a warning message
Runecrafting Tier 1 rewards raised 300%
::discord, ::vote and ::store/::donate commands have been added
You can now access your bank by first clicking bank booths
You can now note & un-note your items with bankers and not just bank booths
The 53 thieving requirement wasn't displayed in the RFD quest quide. Fixed
Monkfish have been added to the skillguide
Updated the starter dialogue when leaving Tutorial island and updated Lumbridge guide's dialogue a little
Added a few commands to the ::commands interface
Fixed an issue with RFD where you would not be able to re-enter the battle if you attemped the fights too many times
Some of the Decorative armour in voting rewards weren't equippable. Fixed.
Bolt rack rewards at Barrows have been raised by about 50%
You're now teleported home automatically if you login in the Guild War fighting arena
Betty was often confused for a regular slayer master - added a warning dialogue for when getting a task from Betty through right click options.
Closing/opening interfaces will no longer stop your cooking animations
You weren't able to open a door in Heroes quest with Grips key after having completed the quest. Fixed.
Fixed one instance of your client freezing if a grounditem near you was null.
You'll now be notified upon login if you haven't voted in the past 12 hours. (Note: You'll be receiving this message until you claim votes for the first time after this update.)

Dagannoth kings will now provide a bigger challenge:
Dagannoth kings now utilize the combat triangle and can only be injured by attacks that beat them on the triangle
Dagannoth kings now have a significantly larger aggressive radius
Dagannoth Prime max hit lowered from 61 to 50
Dagannoth Rex max hit lowered from 28 to 26
More Spinolyp spawns have been added to the DK lair
Guild wars
You now need to be participating in Guild wars to be rewarded
Event host will now shout out the remaining time until the Guild war stars
Event host has also found her way to the lobby to do the countdown
Guild war scheduling duplicates possibly fixed - requires live testing.
Rock crabs now behave accurately to RuneScape and their spawns have been added to Relleka and Waterbirth island
Fixed a disconnection when looking up the Skilling Tournament winners which was caused by Slayer being added to the tournament and me forgetting to include it in the loading method.
A slayer master tip in the Jelly dialogue was incorrect. Fixed.
Edible seaweed is now... edible.
The Fremennik blade can now be equipped. It has the same stats as an Adamant scimitar.
Ironmen are now able to duel but are not able to have any staked items in their duels
Mithril seeds have been removed from the Legends quest shop

Desert Treasure
A short version of the Desert Treasure is now available and can be started by talking to the Archaeologist south of Edgeville bank
The Archaeologist will teleport you directly to the 4 different fights, from each of which you'll receive a different diamond.
Bring the Archaeologist all 4 diamonds to complete the quest and unlock ancients
The Archaeologist can sell you an ancient staff and take you directly to the Pyramid in the desert after quest completion
Note: As ancient spells were already available prior to this update, you'll find your spellbook has been changed modern if you were on ancients at the time of this update.
Voting books are now tradeable
Shop stocks increased by A LOT. The competition for low level resources has been a little tougher than I feel it should be.
Untradeable items will now be kept on death. In the near future, untradeables lost on death will need to be claimed for a fee.
Initiate armour is now available in Quest Quide's shop. No quest completion required.
Mining essence will now provide guild experience
Mining tier boosts will now affect essence mining and you can receive noted essence

Introducing Reaper points
Reaper points come as a result of the end game rewards not being that great in the 2006 era, especially when it comes to bossing. This will hopefully encourage doing activities that otherwise may not feel very worthwhile.
The following monsters each have a 10% chance of "dropping" Reaper points
King black dragon
Kalphite queen
Dagannoth kings
Chaos elemental
Dark beast
Skeletal wyvern
Reaper points from Guild wars:
1st place: 1500 points each
2nd place: 750 points each
3rd place: 500 points each
Reaper Points can be spent in the new Reaper point shop, with exclusive new items
Improved the pet following algorithm. They should no longer get stuck and stop following you.
Pet tickets
A new item 'pet ticket' will be obtainable as a reward from the new Super mystery box. You can exchange 3 of these for a random boss pet that you don't already own.
Pet insurance
Boss pets can now be insured for 500k each at Zoo Keeper
Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador and Camelot teleport now have no rune or level requirements. Most players in the RSPS scene are accustomed to easy transportation throughout the world, and the early grind has proven to be insurmountable obstacle for quite a few new players. As such, we believe opening up the low level teleports will benefit the overall health of the game.
The following monsters have had their drop tables buffed to (at least partly) reflect those of OSRS:
Skeletal wyverns
Dark beasts
ReaperScape guild members can no longer receive any tier boosts.
The ::explock command has been added. It applies to both regular experience gains and quest experience rewards.
The ::home command no longer has a dialogue and instead will take you straight to Edgeville
Dwarven rock cakes have been added and can be bought from Gypsy in the Lumbridge castle
The Skill master has been moved from Lumbridge to Edgeville
The Guild war victory message will no longer be sent to guild members who didn't participate in the event
There was a spot at the very top of the wilderness that wasn't recognized as wilderness. Fixed.
Fixed a character appearance glitch that occured when switching from ancients to necromancy and teleporting
Fixed Torag platebody ranged bonus
Fixed the Monkfish image in the skillguide interface
The Voting book displayed the wrong item name when checking its value in the voting shop. Fixed.
Updated the voting message to inform players where the voting points can be spent
The Archaeologist has been given a shop where you can buy an Ancient staff and Ghostly robes after completing DT.
The Red elemental shield will now work against Wyverns' icy breath
Hard clue scrolls will no longer give total junk items, but the chance of hitting the rare tables were decreased by a little bit
Salve amulet has been added along with its 15% damage boost against undead monsters. It can be bought from the Reaper point shop.
FINALLY fixed a player saving issue that would occur when GE orders went through while offline
In an earlier version, switching gameframes was a donor only feature, which caused the gameframes button to sometimes be disabled when logging in non-donor accounts. Fixed.
The "Reload Userconfig" button has been re-added to the client to allow easier modifications of your client preferences. In the future this will all be done inside the client.
Fixed an error causing some users to be unable to connect to the server
Updated ::vote link
The voting & store pages have received some visual upgrades
A name change scroll can now be purchased from the store which provides you with a one-time name change
Super mystery boxes have been added to the store
The boxes mostly contain cosmetics, ranging from exclusive customs such as the "black" & "ghost" santa/h'ween mask/partyhat to all of the other rares available on the store. On top of cosmetics & rares, the common rewards include ensouled heads, pet tickets and items that can already be found on the store, such as the donation scroll and fire cape.

Guild war sometimes wouldn't end correctly. Fixed.
Pets can no longer be taken into guild wars
Chance of receiving Reaper points from monsters was much too low in regards to the amounts of points you'd receive - raised drop chance from 10% to 50%.
Gold ore couldn't be received as a Tier 2 mining reward. Fixed.
The guild vault can now only be used inside Edgeville bank

Fixed some permissions on the forum
Added us to the new gamestop100 top-list! The voting book price was raised from 15 to 20 points as a result.

Reaper point guild loot share
When killing bosses with your guild, the Reaper points you receive will now be split between you and your guild members in the region.
The Ranged skill is a little underwhelming without crossbows and the Eagle eye prayer, so until (if) those are added, the skill as a whole has been buffed
Undead ones are now recognized as undead monsters
Some barrows item effects weren't working. Fixed.
Crystal bow had a prayer bonus that it should not have had
Crystal bow and crystal shield are now untradeable​
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