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ReaperScape 2006 Updates

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FIxes: Server
  1. All jewelry and Capes can now use the "Operate" option to teleport, they no longer have to be in inventory to be used.
  2. "Cape of eternal POH" now has a "Back" option on the last page of the teleport list
  3. Admin item updates "rotten potato" has had text fixes and option changes
  4. "Cape of eternal POH" and "Cape of eternal glory" now have the correct teleports
  5. Bug where using teleports in the necromancy book wouldn't finish teleport animation, this has been fixed.
  6. Grand Exchange NPC now has faster dialogue for what's being sold and bought in the Grand Exchange
Fixes: engine
  1. All servers have been compiled into an artifact for more efficient use of memory
  2. Dialogues have been rewritten for everything, (Easier to add dialogues in future and more options/less bugs.)
Future Fixes:

  1. :: players command showing players online
  2. ::buying ::selling commands (may change in future) to see what's being sold and bought in the Grand Exchange
  3. Grand Exchange auto buy and selling options until server becomes more live (Still debating this)
  4. Making shops replenish faster, or having multiple worlds
  5. Fixing options to have F2P worlds and PK only worlds
  6. More events
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