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Mid level Runecrafting Guide:

RuneCrafting Guide: (Low to mid rc rate - Yet the runs are quickly done.)

Skill Req: Level 2 Rc. - To Use the Mind Rune Alter. 45 Magic. - To Teleport to Camelot. (28. Magic for the Mind Alter Teleport.)
Quest Req: 'Way of the Necromancer' - To gain the Book of the Dead.
Item Req: Book of the Dead, around 10 mind runes, some of your law runes, a Staff of Air, a Mind Tiara (To save 1 space.) or Mind Talisman & all your Pure/Rune essence.
(As shown in the picture below.)

Items req. rc..png

Teleport with an inventory full of Pure/Rune Essence from Camelot Bank to the Mind Alter.
Change between the normal spellbook & the Arceuus Spellbook (On the Book of the dead) to teleport back and forth between Camelot bank & The Mind alter.
Sometimes you have to re-equip the Mind Tiara for the 'Enter Mysterious ruins' options to appear on the Mind Alter.

My Exp rates being 57 in the skill was: (Exp rate increases the higher your level is.)
Exp pr. Run: 538. - With The Mind Talisman.
Exp pr. Run: 560. - With The Mind Tiara.
(583. Exp if you choose to equip the book for 1 more inventory slot.)

Gaining the items Required:
Staff of Air can be bought from the npc 'Zaff' in Varrock for 1500 coins.
Mind runes can be bought around the Rune Shops, Law Runes can only be bought at the Magic Guild's Rune Shop in Yanille & the Wilderness Rune Shop.
Pure Essence can be mined at the Essence mines (At either Varrock or Ardy.) or obtained by killing many diffrent npc's: (Using the Slayer skill.)

High lvl'd:
Abyssal Demons(60), Skeletal Wyvern(250) & Gargoyle(150).
Low lvl'd: Minotaur(15), Catablepon(15) & Ankou(15).
(Number) = How many noted Pure/Rune Essence they can drop.

To make the Mind Tiara you need a Crafting lvl of 23. - A mind Talisman can be obtained by killing Imps/Wizards.
A Tiara Mould (Can be bought by 'Dommik' in Al-Kharid or 'Rommik' In Rimmington.) & a Silver bar, can be bought from 'Erin/Silver merchant' at Ardy Marketplace
or be stolen from his market stall by using the Theiving skill. (lvl 50.)

Once you have a Mind Talisman, Tiara Mould & a Silver bar use them at any furnace, to get a blank Tiara.
You can then go to the Mind Alter (In between Falador and Barbarian Village) use the Mind Talisman to get in. Then use the blank Tiara on the Alter to create the Mind Tiara.
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